TeamCraft Roofing

BMW Performance Center Customer Appreciation

December, 2016

TeamCraft Roofing hosted an event at the BMW Performance Center in Spartanburg, South Carolina to show our customer appreciation with a fun filled day of sliding and racing in “The Ultimate Driving Machine.”  The event was broken into three events; skid pad, test driving, and autocross style time trials.

Skid Pad: Wet asphalt open area with a row of cones down the middle
Vehicle: BMW 650i (Traction Control Off)
Objective: Two cars line up on either side of the cones, facing in opposite directions.  Drive as fast as you can around the outside of the cones (becomes more of an oval track at speed) and try to catch the opposing vehicle.  This is all being done in a 445hp sedan with traction control turned off!  This fun event let people slide the cars sideways, spin out, and focus on vehicle and throttle control.

Test Driving: Road course race track
Vehicles: X6 M, X5 M, M5, M4, 330i, M240
Objective: Drive each M car around a road course style race track for a few laps to feel the difference in the machines.  Power, weight, agility, braking performance; each vehicle drives differently, but even the likes of the X6 M and X5 M SUVs will surprise you with their abilities to perform on a race track.

Autocross: Drive around a road course style race track with obstacles to avoid.
Vehicle: M240
Objective: This event is all about beating your competition.  Start from a dead stop, accelerate as hard as you can and weave through three cones set up as a slalom.  Continue full throttle around a right turning bend until you reach a hard right turn.  Avoid, the cone in the middle of the track, hard on the gas, turn left around the outside of another cone in the middle of the track, full throttle up to the stop box.  Slam on the brakes and slide into the stop box.  Don’t stop in the stop box?  5 second penalty.  Hit a cone?  second penalty.